butterflyFor the past few days I have been going through moments of loneliness because a person very important to me has not been giving me the attention I usually I get. His reason is valid and I understood but the lack of his attention triggered something inside. I realised it had even affected the way I was dressing, doing my hair and talking to people. But as I was walking I was asking myself so does it mean this persons’ attention makes me beautiful? I was now wearing whatever came to my mind and just tying my hair and putting less make up and failing to walk upright. The outward appearance was also reflecting on how I was feeling inside.

I believe I’m not the only person who feels like this at times. But the question is should your beauty be determined by other people?? I realised I was being too hard on myself and learnt that you will never be fulfilled by looking good for other people but you need to learn to look good for you first before taking it to other people. This will help in such a way that even when others do not appreciate your beauty you have already appreciated yourself. Know who you are because self evaluation also contributes. So don’t let others determine how you look, when you will be happy or what you enjoy!!!