AAfaJCoI went to the director’s office to drop some documents and on the reception I was met by this other lady. Then she asked me what my name was and I told her, then my nationality and I told her. Then she said to me you are beautiful……. I smiled…. not smiled but grinned and said thank you. That just made me realise how I had been longing to hear such words. They might have not come from someone close or I expected but still in my heart they went a long way.

Its funny how three words can change your world within a few seconds, because I got out of that office so happy and not caring what other people thought. It might be ” I love you”, ” I miss you”, “well done” or “I’m sorry”, don’t hold back those words if you feel like saying them because to someone that’s all they are waiting for.

What’s funny is its been a month since that lady spoke to me but ever since that day I make it a point to look stunning no matter where I am going or the circumstances surrounding me. Yesterday I met a friend of mine and she asked me about my fiancé and I told her we had broken up and then she asked me in amazement how I was looking so good since people are expected to break down after such. I just told her I refused for the situation to pull me down but inside I knew the words that lady had said to me had created a new attitude and approach to life in me.