Last week a big pimple came out on my nose. It was so big someone 10 steps away could see something was going on with my nose. I tried to cover it with my usual make up but its redness just kept on showing until I gave up and just decided to leave it like that. Yesterday I then went to visit someone’s residence for some business and in that room there is a boy about 5 years younger than me who has a crush on me. I told my friend to knock the room and enter as I wait outside. I told her I didn’t want the boy to annoy me but the real reason was I didn’t want  the boy  to see the pimple and think otherwise of me. but immediately as the boy saw my friend he jumped up and asked about me and when he was told I was outside he ran outside. I quickly looked way and acted disgusted by him while turning my face away so that he may feel like he is bothering me and leave. But he kept on persisting, until I couldn’t look away anymore. When he saw my face he starred at me with eyes that were saying what the…? I could feel his eyes poking my nose. Then he quickly turned and said he is coming back he had forgotten something. Well I knew the pimple had made him run back and think twice.

I was left standing there and my heart in pain. Now I was wondering that a pimple can make someone’s feelings go away just like that? I didn’t feel like proceeding with our business endeavour because it required us knocking every door. Everywhere I knocked everybody would stare at my nose. I felt so embarrassed.

In all that wondering I realised something. I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years now and usually get those pimples almost once every month during my cycle. The first time it came out he plainly asked what had caused it and I explained and ever since he never cancels our plans or his love because I have a pimple on my nose. For me that was so amazing and intriguing but also it made me realise his goals for me and how much he valued me.

Always remember if you present your physical beauty first before anything else know that for the rest of that


period you will be judged by your physical beauty. When it ends expect some people to walk away……