200f9090fbb7f19281d747012c95d433 Lately I have been to two weddings, and on those days I couldn’t recognise people. The brides were worse, the make up, hairstyles, jewellery and dresses just made them look different. I remember one bride as she was still at a distance covered with the veil we were all wondering if it was her and we had come to the wrong wedding because she looked totally different. As she approached then we realised it was her. It was not just the brides that looked different, the grooms too, with the slim fit suits, expensive looking shoes, fancy socks and ties and neat looking haircuts. The bridemaids looked like they were competing with the bride, and the grooms you could see these were extreme makeovers. Us the guests, some had bought new dresses, I remember I bought my full makeup kit towards the days. People were just looking stunning on these two days.

As the second wedding finished I looked at the crowd and I wondered how many were going to maintain that beauty from the brides to us the guests. It seemed it was just momentary beauty, a beauty that comes because of the occasion……. If you notice when people go for dates, parties, weddings or dinners the way they look instills a certain attitude. It makes people feel good, important and beautiful for that moment. Even the way they talk changes beacuse they are trying to match the voice with the look. Imagine if you could dress like that, put make up like that, or get a hair cut like that through out the year that means you would feel good the whole year.On wedding nights man and woman experience their “first time” and its all connected to the way they look that day. Im not saying wear your wedding gown everyday but keep the spirit of the look continuing, find an alternative everyday look that will still make you feel like your wedding day! I dont know about you but I would like to keep that feeling I felt that day.  Change this momentary beauty to an everyday look….. If it worked once, it can work again!!