One day my boyfriend’s friend told my boyfriend that I had been talking about him with his girlfriend. Things were not good between us, so I confided in my friend who later on told her boyfriend what I had said. The boyfriend out of concern told his friend. My boyfriend came to me furious asking why I was spreading bad rumors about him and why I could not keep things to myself. So we quarreled for a while until I said to him “babe I’m a woman, when things go bad I need someone to talk to.” That’s when he just went silent and argued no further.

This is the point I realized something, there is a distinct beauty in being a woman! And the opposite is true. Being feminine and them being masculine. Having features that differentiate us, its not essential to announce that I am a woman but my curves, my step, the swing on my body, the bun I did on my hair, among others say it all. Somebody once asked me if you were given one day to be a man what I would do. I thought of all the things I would try to make other men realize and change. Men are arrogant, egoistic, proud, and ignorant, those are the stereotypes associated with being a man, but that’s the beauty of being a man! Women can be paranoid, insecure, too over-protective, fragile, emotional, irrational, territorial…..That’s the beauty of being a woman! Though we may resent each other at times, God created this pull between men and women that no human can explain. The need to complete and be completed, thats the beauty!!

Have you ever noticed, if there is a topic that can go on for hours and hours with women it’s about how men are so wicked and ruthless. But at the end of the talk those are the same men we go back to. That’s the beauty in it that at the end you say nevertheless he is a man. Women spend so much time trying to figure out what’s wrong with men and what needs fixing on them to the point they don’t see that if those men weren’t so “masculine” some of them their womanhood would be undefined. What makes him a man is what makes you a woman! Men sometimes criticize the weakness in women and forget that that’s what makes them to be labelled as strong. Since mankind began it has been a battle between men and women, who is what where, I can do what you can do. Instead we should be appreciating our differences, that when the other is weak the other manages to hold the fort down. Accept the ego, the pride, the irrationality, the paranoia because that what makes us all unique and beautiful. They are not excuses but it’s just the magnificence in us!!!th